Add your voice to an inspiring global conversation, join our Global People’s Hub on 22nd September 2018 from 12:00pm @ Covenant University, Canaaland, Ota, Nigeria.



    Covenant University

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    Global People’s Summit, CYCDI partners Covenant University to give the University Community a seat at the table during the United Nations General Assembly.

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    The Global People’s Summit, Creative Youth Community Development Initiative (CYCDI) in collaboration with the Covenant University are set to put the university community at the centre of global decisions during the United Nations General Assembly. The theme of the event is “Solve Global Issues, Take Local Responsibility”.

    The Covenant University- Global People’s Hub holds on 22 September 2018 at Covenant University African Leadership Development Centre; and serve as live-stream locations for the Global People’s Summit. A space for impact-driven people to connect, inspire and create community around complex local and global challenges.

    The Global People’s Hub localize conversations, inspire local engagement around the SDGs, give the university community a seat at the table’ during the United Nations General Assembly and help bring voices from around the world into the heart of the work of the United Nations and to decision makers.

    The event highlight includes conversation around key global problems, the achievement of Covenant University in Sustainable Development Goals, the implementation processes and project showcase. The financial literacy and idea corner will be facilitated by Stanbic IBTC Bank.

    The Registration for CYCDI-InnoCreativa Youth Hub (IC2030) was opened on September 11, 2018 to allow student to sign-up as IC2030 member. The platform allow interested students to submit project ideas channelled towards reduction of unemployment, value creation and entrepreneurship development to promote Decent Work and Economic Growth in Nigeria towards the fulfilment of SDGs in 2030.

    IC2030 will explore creative and innovative capacities of young people through the development of knowledge, skill and attitude that are relevant to employability; these includes teambuilding, communication, leadership and responsiveness. It will also develop talents, creativity and innovation, which involves identification of problem, accessing possible solutions, sticking to a chosen course of action that create values for economy growth.

    The event organiser, CYCDI promotes SDGs through active learning, creative development, innovation and entrepreneurship in children, youth and women. The goal of CYCDI is to pursue, promote and implement sustainable projects that will boost community and Economic growth.

    The organisation through her Creative Youth Initiative Against Corruption won the 2018 UN SDG Award–Innovator in Bonn Germany at the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development organised by United Nations SDG Action Campaign.

    CYCDI is currently leading a global campaign along with 17 School Girls to raise drug prevention awareness amongst youths and vulnerable adults through school awareness and creative programmes. The project, which is supported by the EU and UNODC, has produced sensitisation movie titled “TRAPPED” and SDGs based solutions to Drug Abuse (CCB-Arts for SDG3).